Hamstead RFC

The Early Years.

To all from the early years of Hamstead RFC — this website is a treasure trove of stories and tales from the glory days of our club. We are embarking on a mission to document our club’s rich history, and we need your help to bring it to fruition.

To all the esteemed captains, players, wives and families we extend just one request. And that is to delve into the memories, relive the triumphs and challenges, and share your invaluable memories.

We invite you to embrace nostalgia and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of our club’s history. Head to the comments section at the bottom of each year’s page and leave as much as you desire. Whether it’s remarkable anecdotes, unforgettable moments, or heartfelt reflections, your words will help us recreate the spirit of the early years.

We eagerly await your contributions!

Jerry Coade.

Although it would be preferred to leave your comments within the match reposts above, you can also leave any addition comments or notes using the contact form below;

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    We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane and look forward to your contributions!

    We’re aiming to print and publish the book by November 2023