Watering Holes

By David Bursey

After their matches the teams were won’t to repair to a number of successive hostelries where ale consumption and the singing went as far into the night as the various landlords permitted.Before my time was the Bloomers(Bloomsbury Wine Lodge)rom which the club retreated to the cellar of ,…….where the lusty singing surprised the occasional straying West End Theatre goer stumbling into an impromptu cabaret of rare vulgarity.The South Molton Lounge was next to tolerate our revelries and was where the third Jock Strap Ensemble LP was mostly recorded.,certainly a memorable Sunday.Wales had defeated the Wallabies the preceding day and Tiger amongst others arrived in poor condition ,intoxication staggering intima second bout.The lads were in fine voice and endless songs poured into the mike and all proceeded swimmingly until a recording artists union tea break heralded the rush to the bar.The delightful Esther tried valiantly to cope with the tsunami of thirsty gullets but the rot had set in.Recording after the break was a babel of songs simultaneously competing,brilliant atmosphere but totally unusable.

Ejected from the Moulton,which by then bore some resemblance to a paddy field,the chaos headed to Speaker’s Corner which nearly resulted in Tiger’s arrest for playing a mouth organ to punctuate a speaker’s outpourings. Managed to get him away back to his van,parked on the grass in Hyde Park!(little chance of a stunt like that today!)Thence to a movie(think a vampire epic)where Tiger’s dog ,Poppet,escaped causing a riot brushing the legs of hysterical ladies.Hardly sober,he insisted on driving home,except I had to steer from the passenger seat (don’t publish this if prosecution could result sixty + years on!)
The Hampstead club formed that autumn and revelries moved to the Redhill St clubhouse ,another chapter


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